Unless otherwise noted,
assume for stories told in the first person that the narrator is male.

Sunday, May 9, 2021


you could keep me on my knees
and lead me by a leash,
inspect my obedience
to be flaccid as you tease...

you could keep me bound up
and use me when you will,
always know where to find me,
because I am tied there still...

you could keep me on the edge
and always begging for more,
for your attentions and denial,
for the scraps upon the floor...

you could lock me away
and throw away the key,
cage up my cock
and never set it free...

you could fill me up
and overflow my brim,
stopper my holes
and make me hold it in...

you could train my body
to do on your command,
horny, hard, cum, flaccid,
accede to your demands...

but what I want is to feel
cared for, wanted, enjoyed;
give me reasons to wag my tail
and I'll be your good boy.

fall asleep cuddling,
wake up bound.
subject to your desires,
needs that you found

in the night,
and in the days before...
to treat me like your sleeve,
to treat me like your whoe.

a friend gets hugged,
a sub or slave obeys,
but a toy gets used
and has no say.

use my mouth as you like,
use my ass as you choose,
ignore or lock my cock
if it has no use.

fill me, fuck me, break me,
until you're exhausted and sore.
then cuddle me into the night
until it's morning once more.

skip the movies and keep the candles,
take your coat when you come in the door,
I cooked and I cleaned,
and I knelt on the floor.

I'll rub your shoulders and your feet,
get the bath comfortably hot,
fluff the pillows and the linens,
anticipate your afterthoughts,

hold me tight against you
as you drift off to sleep,
my owner, my Lioness,
my very blue sheep.

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