Friday, May 29, 2020

An Audience of One

"Fresh meant for anyone who wants it, we've got a free use slut for y'all."

You shiver at the voice and feel the cloth get dragged from over your body. You're completely nude aside from a blindfold and soft leather straps around your neck, wrists, and ankles that hold you securely fastened to a cold steel frame that made your cock hard as soon as you saw it the first time, as soon as you knew that one day, it would hold you in place in front of a crowd of people, as their eyes roamed over your body, and their hands...

Drool dripped from your mouth, braced wide by the spider gag as you remembered, and your cock throbbed painfully.

"Who's up first?"

The voice felt so warm, but no hands followed. You waited, slowly growing cold. The murmurs of conversations faded as people turned away, as you felt your body tremble, and your erection start to drop... until a sudden pinch brought it back.

"We don't want you drooping, now, do we?"

A single fingernail dragged from the base of your cock to the tip, and you're frightfully hard once more. The warm voice continued in a soft whisper...

"If they don't want to play with you, I guess that means I get you all to myself."

A sudden sense of motion, wiggling at first, then rolling, as the wheels to your frame are first unlocked and then the entire assembly is pushed elsewhere... out of the big room and into a space that feels warmer and has less echo.

A tender hand cups your face, and you nuzzle against it as much as your collar allows.

"Since that didn't quite go as planned--don't worry, it's not your fault, it's theirs--you can have a choice. Either I have a little fun just between us, while you're still helpless in that amazingly hot position on the frame, or I can let you go, keep the collar and cuffs on (just because I love how you look wearing them and hardly anything else), wrap up you in a warm terry-cloth robe, and play together without all the cold steel."

You moan, still very aroused at the thought of both options.

"Tilt your head to the left for the frame, and right for the robe. Entirely up to you. what would you like?"