Friday, November 2, 2018

Munnlega á Morgnana, 6

I woke to lips on my cock. My morning wood was standing tall and partially enveloped in her mouth. I leaned back to glance at the clock above my bed and discovered I had half-an-hour before it would go off. I could take my time.

When I looked back down, she was watching me. I interleaevd my fingers behind my head and watched for a bit, before interceding.

"Let me show you a few things," I said, pushing her off my cock. "First, yes, I have a foreskin. You seem to be unfamiliar with such a thing, so here's the basics: it slides over and back; when I'm hard, it slides back more easily than when I'm not. And I need minimal lubrication when masturbating because I produce enough naturally to allow it to glide, unless I happen to be marathoning, which I don't do very often.

"Secondly, because I'm uncircumcised, I tend to be more sensitive than anyone you've been with who was circumsized. Especially here. This spot, is the most sensitive spot on my body that I've found. That being said, if you focus solely on this spot, it will lose sensitivity over time. So yes, you can make my knees buckle when you hit it. But tease it, don't prioritize it.

"Thirdly, be gentle when you tug on my foreskin. It can both stretch and tear. Don't pull it back too far, or it hurts, and that particular pain is one hell of a turn off.

"Lastly, fondling with my balls does nothing for me. Other guys might tell you different, but for me, it's hands off. Understood?"

 She nodded. "Yes sir."

"Good. Resume."


When my alarm went off, I hadn't cum, and she seemed a little frustrated by it.

"Look, another thing. My stamina is pretty darn good. You'd have to be a hell of an expert to get me to cum on demand. This isn't about getting me off, this is about waking me up in a satisfying way, an alternative to my blaring alarm. If getting off is a priority, I'll make that clear or do it myself. Understand?"

She nodded. "Are you going to masturbate now?"

"No, but I will edge you. Come here."

She crawled higher on my bed closer to me, and I reached between her legs and fingered her until she clenched her fingers against my sheets.

And then I got up and got ready for work.