Saturday, May 4, 2019


less regret

When Sarah next woke, she was alone and cold. There was a tightness in the air, and she struggled to breathe. She pulled the blankets tighter against her chin and curled up on her side. Clenching her eyes shut, she tried to fall back to sleep, but memories of what happened started to well up, and she couldn't stop them from flashing through her mind.

A low chuckle slunk through the air, and a voice that sounded like gravel followed. "The flesh is healing, its mind not yet broken. This one is strong. This will be fun."

Sarah inhaled sharply and threw the blankets over her head. Just listening to the... thing try to talk was painful, almost as much as the flashbacks.

"The flesh has heard us. Fun, fun, fun. Brake, brake, brake."

Heavy feet stomped closer, and a dark shape ripped the blankets from Sarah's grasp. She curled tighter, refusing to look.

A claw grabbed her roughly, hoisting her roughly from her side to her knees, burying Sarah's face in the pillow. Her pajama bottoms were torn from her legs with no subtlety, and the mattress swayed as something clambered up behind her. A long, dry finger slid between her legs, between her lips, inside her pussy. It thrust until Sarah felt herself growing wet despite herself, and then it was quickly replaced by something much bigger.

It was too big, and Sarah lifted her head from the pillow, gasping and grasping, trying to keep it from tearing her in half. She stared at the poor reflection in the stained hardwood of the headboard, and abruptly fainted.


When she came to, she was still in dire straits. The cock in her crotch was gone, but now one sawed in and out of her ass, taking advantage to her relaxed muscles in the state of unconsciousness to make incredible headway beyond her sphincter, which tightened instinctively and painfully on the next thrust. Her eyes gaped open and found herself staring at a very long but very thin purple penis. Before she could glance higher, she started to scream as her anus tore wide. The purple thing saw her mouth open and shoved in and down her throat before Sarah could manage more than a gasp.

Bile welled up in her nostrils as the cock in her mouth started thrusting, and worse still, in time with the one in her ass. They filled her all the way up and then emptied her most of the way out. In against, and she felt like a slab of meat hung over a roaring fire.

To them, whatever they were, Sarah was just meat, flesh. Something to fuck and fill and... That last thought gave her pause. Were these things going to cum?

They were and did, pumping what felt like gallons into her body. Sarah could feel her stomach straining at the volume, and she felt more full than ever... until the cocks pulled out.

Sarah collapsed onto her stomach, and felt the retch complete its rising, gushing out with a torrent of semen. It spurted out of her ass too, soaking her legs and the mattress. She shook violently, suddenly freezing, and barely had enough energy to gape at the departing shapes, things that looked like blurry, grotesque teddy bears, once cute and cuddly, now hard and mean, one yellow, one purple.

Darkness fell again, and the voice followed Sarah into her dreams.

Fun, fun, fun. Brake, brake, brake.

more regret