Unless otherwise noted,
assume for stories told in the first person that the narrator is male.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Bold Proposition

"Well, now, you can't be serious!"

"And why not, Lady Imogen? You've been willing enough to allow me in through your front door. You can't say you're not curious. How long has it been?"

"But-- that's-- you're--"

"Don't get all flustered on my account. Are you going to let me in, or not?"

"I will not be treated like a common whore."

"I have no interest in those down on the Row, though they may do their best with the hand they've been dealt. We may not be siblings, but in many ways they are still family."

"So what am I then?"

"An investment. You do wish to earn some more of my wealth, do you not?"


"You could have a stipend of your own, separate from my infusion of your brother's investments."


"I know how you like your dresses."

"I'm afraid you have the better of me, Mr Agreus. What would you have me do?"

"For a start, take off that dress. We can't have you ruining such a fine piece of cloth."

"Will you at least turn your back, allow me some privacy?"


"But-- yes, Mr Agreus."

"That's better. Now kneel."

"Yes, Mr Argeus."

"Now, let me show you what you're missing out on."

"Oh, oh my, oh, you can't be serious."

"Go ahead, Imogen. It won't bite. Give it a kiss."

The door swung slowly shut...