Friday, March 17, 2017

FINCI: What Happens When You Fail

This is intended as an aside within the Callidus Igni saga, in regards to the consequences of the March 16 chapter.

All characters are of age of maturity.

At the dawning of the sun, The Lady Winter strode through her forest and scowled. The null field still stood, and while it wouldn't stop her from doing what needed to be done, it was an inconvenience, and she didn't stand by and let those who inconvenienced her get away with it. The insult was dealt.


Secondus woke groggily at the shaking, and found one of his NPCs standing in his tent, scowling. He squinted in the early morning light. "I'm up, I'm up. What's this-- oh."

"You know what needs to be done."

"Yes, my Lady. And you need a witness, which means you need me."

She said nothing while he scrambled out of his sleeping bag and pulled on his somewhat worse-for-wear storyteller garb, marking him to all others that he was not to be messed with. When he was at last presentable, he led her out of his tent--holding the flap for her fully in-character--and hunted down those shelters from his party.

They found Callidus's tent first, far and apart from the mess of the crowded campgrounds, but instead of barging in, knocked patiently. Callidus poked his head out momentarily, scowled, and retrieved it, before shortly stepping out into the sun, a simple strap bound about his head protecting his eyes from the light. He bowed deeply to The Lady, a stark change from the night before, and gratefully kissed her hand.

Succus they found next, florescent pink and large enough for several people, and beside it a conflictingly small, bland brown tent, Umbo's.

They woke Umbo first, though Secondus had to physically hold him back when the Lady stepped into Succus's tent, alone. He glared at Callidus.

"My Lady?" Callidus whispered, before she'd barely dropped the flap.

"You try my patience, Callidus. What?"

"For the sake of the game, you need a witness."

"Fine. Igni, bear witness, and be no more than a wisp about it." Callidus peeled away the flap only far enough to climb in, and sat down just within the opening.

Succus had fallen asleep on her back with her 'bag unzipped, showing off a light, plain spaghetti-strapped tee and cute patterned knit shorts. The Lady knelt by her right side, and from an insulated pouch on her belt, drew out an ice cube. She covered Succus's mouth gently with one hand, and drew the ice along her skin with the other, from her left ear to her chin and down her neck.

Succus's eyes snapped open as soon as the ice touched down, and her moan at it was muffled by the chill. Her whole body shivered, legs kicking reflexively enough to clear what little of the sleeping bag remained draped over her. Suc's back arched as the ice slipped lower past her neckline, leaving a wet trail across her thin shirt.

The Lady held it on her left right nipple until Succus gasped, and then dragged it to the other side. When the cube was nearly down to a sliver, she dragged it lower still, her hand sliding easily under the waistband of the too loose shorts and between Suc's legs.

She started panting heavily, squirming violently, her nipples straining the fabric of her tee.

The Lady held her, pinned by only one hand on Succus's mouth and the desire between her legs, until she at long last lay still, past orgasm and past caring, panting on the floor.

The Lady withdrew her hand from the shorts, licked her fingers, and then drew one across her lips to indicate silence.

Succus nodded, and the hand on her lips was withdrawn.


"Hush." The Lady glanced back at Callidus, his face emotionless beneath his hood, before sitting up and knee-walking up until she straddled Succus's face.

The Winter Lady let the girl do most of the work, grinding against her when she needed to, and before she knew it, was doing her own panting and straining and writhing. Soon enough, she rolled off to catch her breath, and offered a handkerchief to Succus to clean up.


"Hush." The Lady crawled around until her face was level with Suc's, and kissed her possessively. "Now you belong to me." She took back her handkerchief.

"Is that what you meant by consequences?"

"That is the last question I will allow you to ask. From here on, you belong to me. You are no longer unaligned, you belong to Winter, until I see fit to release you. You will be one of my personal handmaidens, and will do my bidding. And this time, you won't fail, because this wasn't your punishment, it was your brother's. Now get up. Make yourself presentable. It's time to rouse the rest of your party."

The Lady stood. "Igni, give this girl some privacy."

Callidus bowed his head, stood, and held open the tent flap for Lady Winter.


"What did you do?"

"Calm yourself, fetch." She said the last word sharply, reminding Umbo of his place in the world. "Consider your insult balanced, unless you desire to insult me further."

Umbo stopped struggling, and Secondus released him.

Callidus took his shoulder, and guided the man a few paces away for some privacy while they waited on his sister. "The Lady claimed her."


"It was just. She is of Winter now, until her own obligations and insults are balanced. Leave it alone."

Umbo's shoulder's sagged, but before he could do anything else, Succus stepped out.

She had changed her makeup, and now her face cast a colder tinge than the warm colors she sported before. She earned a satisfactory nod from the Winter Lady, who gestured to her to walk just behind her.

"Come, Umbo," Callidus called. "Best not inconvenience her further."


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