Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dreaming Alone

I wrap my arms around you
as you arch yourself upon me,
we slide together just right,
puzzle pieces set perfectly

in a cold sweat again,
sheets bunched around my waist,
can feel the feeling of her,
but I can't see her face...

she turns and rides against me,
back to front, back to front,
she begs to grasp her tightly,
I stroke and squeeze and punt

bolt upright again,
can't free her from my find,
what I should-a, who I could-a,
now only in my mind...

I kiss her just the way
she loves to feel my lips,
whether chaste or otherwise,
tingles toes to fingertips.

eyes locked now open,
cannot clear my mind,
my bed is cold always,
no partner I can find...

a girl of my memories,
a love of my soul,
a promise I can't bear to break
who fills this aching hole

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